4 Ways To Be A More Present And Patient Parent

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Being a mom is busy work

You have constant, ever-changing priorities, and often depend on your child’s routine to create your own. This gets tiring, and when we’re tired, it’s hard to be present and patient - which leaves us feeling irritable and our children feeling ignored, and no one wants that. While it’s sometimes easy to find yourself so wrapped up in your to-do list and work, it’s important to take a moment to center yourself so you can be both present and patient as a parent.  

This is easier said than done, so we pulled together a couple of tips to get you on the path to being a more present, patient parent.  

Set a bedtime

Establishing an early bedtime for your kids has two benefits; the first is well-rested children who operate within a routine, and the second is extra ‘me time’. 

While thinking about ‘me time’ seems counterintuitive to being present, the ritual of putting your children to bed early gives you the opportunity to engage with your child with a bedtime chat. This chat can be about anything - their day, their goals, or what they’re doing at school the next day - it doesn’t matter what you talk about, just that you make the effort to ensure they feel special and loved before lights out. 

Remember: childhood is temporary

Think back to your own childhood, and apply that time to the amount of years you have been an adult. It’s a flash in the pan of our lives, but a super important one that has molded us into the adults we are today. 

Keeping this in mind is key when trying to be present and patient with our kids. Think about it - are they excited and loud while playing, but you just don’t want to deal with the noise? Let them be excited and loud, if it’s only a one-off. There are about a million other examples I can give here of things that are no big deal when you’re in a good mood, so check yourself before telling your kids to shush - there’s not a lot of time after childhood to be unapologetically boisterous. 

Put your damn phone away

Sure, you’re hiding in the bathroom playing Candy Crush, and that’s self-care, but when it dominates the time we have with our kids, it becomes a problem. 

 Technology has the ability to suck us into its world and detach us from the ones we love - so put your phone down (unless it’s urgent) and use the extra time to enjoy the best gift of all - your family!

Get a little help from CBD

Sometimes it’s hard to center yourself, no matter what you do, and it’s times like this where a little outside help is needed. That's where mommy complex comes in! The mommy complex range features a selection of nutraceuticals formulated to help with everything; from general relaxation and wellbeing to sleep and aches.  

Each mommy complex product contains CBD oil, which anecdotal evidence suggests can ease anxiety and help users to relax. Needless to say, a relaxed mom is a happy, present and patient mom.  

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