How CBD Can Improve Your Sex Life

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Every mom knows that having less sex is part and parcel of having children, and it makes sense. Not only is most of your time taken up with caring for other human beings, but you’re also exhausted, stressed and busy. Couple this with aging and a lack of privacy and you have the perfect recipe for a not-so-perfect sex life.

So what options are out there? It’s sometimes embarrassing to seek out advice from friends when you’re having trouble in the bedroom, and while there are medicinal solutions on the market, other, natural products exist that can help get you in the mood. 

We’re all familiar with the potential benefits of CBD, but did you know it also has the potential to improve your sex life? In fact, a recent survey found that 68 percent of those who tried a CBD product in the bedroom saw a marked increase in sexual satisfaction. 

But don’t worry, CBD oil won’t turn you into a sex-crazed loon. The effects are subtle, but worth it. Here are the ways CBD can improve your sex life. 

Anxiety Reduction

Most people use CBD to fight their anxieties and improve their mental wellbeing, and it’s through this mechanism that it can help improve your sex life. 

CBD interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain to promote a feeling of calm, relaxation and slight euphoria. It also promotes the production of serotonin - a happy compound and natural antidepressant. Through the combination of these two biological processes, the body is more relaxed and prepared to get intimate, especially in the absence of stress and anxiety.  

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Pain Reduction

CBD’s potential as a pain-reliever can also help in the bedroom by relieving pain as a result of either a pre-existing condition or sexual dysfunction. There are multiple studies that suggest CBD can be used as an adjunct treatment for pain relief, so if that is what’s affecting you in the bedroom, it’s definitely worth a try. 

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Heightens Desire

As previously stated, CBD oil is not going to turn you into a nymphomaniac, but it may have properties that increase arousal and sexual desire. CBD products can reduce inflammation and relax the body, especially when applied topically, and when we’re relaxed we’re more likely to experience feelings - sexual or otherwise - that are blocked when experiencing stress. So why not ask your significant other for a CBD massage and see where it leads?

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