How To Sleep Like A Baby With CBD

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As a mom, new or seasoned, sleep can be elusive. The more elusive it becomes, the more desperate we become to get that good night’s sleep (or any sleep for that matter). Getting a solid amount of sleep each night helps me as a mom because I feel better, overall. For me, it’s the difference between flourishing among - or being completely overwhelmed by - three little monsters (did I say monsters? I mean kids...) chasing me around the house. Here are some practical, real tips that help me get that precious sleep. Read on and maybe some of these tips will help you sleep well too. 

Let’s talk about sleep, baby.

We have to be honest with ourselves and our partners about how we fare handling different levels of sleep deprivation. For some of us, it’ll mean a long overdue conversation. For you new mommies out there, sleep specialist Dr. Margaret Park recommends “discussing your ability to handle sleep deprivation with your partner” once you’re pregnant or home with an infant. 

It’s a modern world, and we’re modern parents. Maybe you can’t be your best self if you have to get up with your baby or child several times per night. Work with your partner to find a solution that will work for both of you - this may require you both lean in at night, or that you trade off. It’s tough - if not impossible - to give your child all of you during the day if you’re up all night and drained by the time morning hits. 

Early to bed and early to rise makes and mamma healthy, wealthy and wise

Maybe you are the parent who gets up with your children every time. Maybe there’s no way around it. Maybe you have a ten year old who has sleep anxiety. Or a three year old who just doesn’t feel the need to sleep these days. Consider moving your own bedtime up an hour or more. Pack your kids’ lunches for the next day while you’re prepping dinner to save some time. If your kids are young and in bed by eight or nine, you can get to bed by nine or 10. If your kids are older, you could even beat them to bed. 

This is a logical extension of the adage, “sleep when your baby sleeps.” It may take some time to adjust to an earlier sleep schedule. But after a while, when morning comes, you’ll feel better and ready to parent all day long. It’s not as big of an adjustment as you might think. I moved my own bedtime up because of sleep issues, and I’m here, from the other side, to say that it worked for me. I feel so much better every morning, and my energy level stays consistent throughout the day. 

Use “Sleep Media” to catch easier ZZZs

There are certain forms of media that are harmful to sleep, and certain forms that are conducive. Consider replacing TV at bedtime with reading. The lights from TV screens are known to keep people up, while reading is relaxing and can help you drift closer to sleep, faster. 

Another alternative to the television is the radio. With no visuals to focus on, the gentle sounds can lull you to sleep. Or consider a podcast as another great way to drift off. If you love television at night, then there are ways to work it in: Try dimming your TV or laptop screen so it’s less stimulating. 

Incorporate CBD Into Your Sleep Routine

Call me shameless, but CBD has been a gift to me, so I’m going to give it a plug here. What makes CBD so great for sleep is that it offers a great night's sleep without the grogginess of those middle-of-the night kiddo wakeups we all know so well, or that pesky sleep hangover the next morning. It helps you sleep without “knocking you out.” In other words, you’ll sleep without the grogginess of a traditional sleeping pill. 

That said, CBD may also help with staying asleep. While you won’t be dead to the world and sleep through a crying kiddo, it will help you stay asleep on those nights where, somehow, and darned luckily, no one needs you. In a 2019 study, 66.7% of people taking a 25mg capsule of CBD at bedtime reported better sleep. And because CBD is not psychoactive (i.e., doesn’t make you high), you’ll sleep without any cognitive impairment. 

Try SLEEP by mommy complex™ to experience it for yourself. We blend CBD, melatonin and chamomile to ensure a great night’s sleep that is gentle and effective. Learn more here

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