Relieve Aches With CBD SOOTHE Cream

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Aches and pains happen. Whether it’s from exercise, injury, sleeping funny, or just the general aches and pains of chasing the kiddos and growing older, pain is an unfortunate reality of life. Many people use over the counter and prescription drugs to manage their pain, and not without side effects. At this point in time, an estimated 1.7 million Americans suffer from substance use disorders related to opioid pain reducers. 

So what viable low-risk, non-addictive natural options exist to support pain management? 

CBD has splashed onto the scene over the past decade, and it’s been lauded for its potential health benefits, with the potent little compound showing the potential to help with nearly everything—from promoting healthy skin and lending sleep support, to reducing stress and easing the symptoms of drug withdrawal. 

Did you know it also has the potential to support pain management? 

The use of CBD for pain relief dates all the way back to ancient China as an herbal remedy. In present day, we have a better understanding of how CBD can help in pain management, with researchers believing the compound may support pain management by reducing inflammation. 

So how can CBD used for pain management?

In the case of localized pain related to headaches, stress, muscle pain, joint inflammation, or sports injuries, topical application many are finding CBD to be effective. mommy complex has developed a non-toxic cream to specifically support localized pain management. SOOTHE cream combines the potential pain-kicking benefits of CBD with cooling menthol and other essential oils. Users simply need to apply SOOTHE cream every 3-4 hours to the affected area to experience the potential pain relief. 

If you’d like to experience the pain management benefits of CBD for yourself, try SOOTHE cream by mommy complex

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