Krista's Story

Here's to all the real moms. I'm Krista Nilsen, the founder of mommy complex™, and I'm here to say farewell to supermom complex and instead embrace and enjoy who and where I am right now. I invite you to do the same.  

These pics show the before and after of what a long day with three kids  looks like. Playing, stressing, chasing, feeding, laughing, reasoning - you name it.  

As a mom seeking to be more present and patient, I've found CBD to be magical - and when blended with the right nutraceuticals, it's down right transformative. But I found it challenging to find brands that deliver consistent quality, easy-to-understand education and well-formulated products. So, I decided to do something about that.

I set out to build what is now mommy complex™ - a mommy-friendly line of CBD-infused products you can count on for quality, consistency, safety, reliability and efficacy.  

mommy complex™ is about helping moms shed the guilt and impossible expectations and to instead embrace the chaos, crazy, exhaustion and love of parenting. It's messy and it's moving fast, so let's stop focusing on perfection and start treasuring and honoring where we are now.

When I'm not sleeping in a recliner with our pet pig after the first week of school, or snuggling with one of my three kiddos, ages 3, 5 and 7, we're out and about playing, working, and making a conscious decision to treasure our time together. 

To all the real moms, I present to you mommy complex™. And just in case no one's told you today, you're doing great.